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Please come and have a look at my new Artist page on Facebook.

I will be regularly updating it with new works from my third and final year at the University of Brighton as well as information on events and exhibitions I’m involved in.

The more likes and shares I get, the more bizarre and colourful my paintings will become.




Random cocktail of my old work…


Blind line drawing of toy sculpture

Manipulated paper, sheep

Pegasus, bat horse.

Painted photograph of canvas creature

Margaux jump

My habitat

My habitat, photo by Chrissie Mann

This is an image from a photography session I had with Chrissie Mann where she did a series of portraits of fellow artists in their natural habitats. I usually feel really uncomfortable in front of the camera and end up pulling some odd and uncomfortable faces but I really enjoyed this session. It was very theatrical and involved me jumping on my bed surrounded by different light filters and flying toys. We did most of the shoot with a digital SLR but this particular picture was taken with my lovely holga and additional camera colour filters. We accidentally rolled the film half way through each slide but it meant we got some lovely split images like this one.

My pencils are sharpened, any suggestions?

Drawing is something I’ve always found exciting. My dad used to run a photocopying and computing shop in Oxford when I was a kid and I’d often pop along on a Saturday to raid the stationary, hoarding whatever goodies I could. I remember being really excited by the vast quantities of paper and coloured card and pens everywhere stashed between tonnes of computer parts, ash trays and other random crap. Such good memories. My dad would plonk a stack of paper in front of me and I was off, entertained for hours.

I was totally obsessed with drawing horses (no change there), but I also remember drawing lots of birds in royal attire with crowns and jewels. I’m not quite sure why, possibly being told stories about magpies and their love of jewels and shiny things.

Doe girl

Fast forward twenty years and I’m still drawing lots animals but now I’m trying to push my drawings to a new place. For the piece above I decided to take drawings I’d already created, cut them up and arrange them into a new picture. It was hard to cut up drawings I’d spent hours on but I’m really excited by the results.

I plan to make more of these drawing collages. If you’re reading this and have any suggestion for new animal combinations please feel free to post them and you never know, I might just create them:)

For example, a kuala with a beak smoking a cigar in a ball gown. The possibilities are endless.

On reflection

I enjoy taking photos. They’ve always been an important research tool for my paintings and sculptures but never as images or pieces in their own right so I’m quite excited that I can show them via this blog now.

This photo was taken in 2010 at a zoo in Amsterdam. I love trying to capture surreal images as they appear in the flesh. Reflective surfaces work particularly well as a mirror to look at the world differently. In this photo I am look into an aquarium of seals.

Untitled (girl and friends), emulsion, acrylics and oil on canvas

Untitled (girl and friends), emulsion, acrylics and oil on canvas

Untitled (girl and friends), emulsion, acrylics and Oils on canvas

This is a painting I did for my interim show at the University of Brighton in March 2012. I remember having big issues deciding whether it was finished or not and desperately asking every poor sod within a mile radius what they thought. I’m glad I left it like this in the end, dancing between the high definition of the female figure against the simple line work of the horses legs. My work is all about hinting, it’s up to the viewer to see what they like and fill in the dots.

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